Diamond Award

The Diamond Award is an award that a horse can only achieve once in its lifetime.  The horse must be 2 years old and over and Adult Classified.  Points are to be gained over ANY three consecutive years.  2/3 (200) of points must be gained in Palomino classes and 1/3 (100) may be gained in Open classes.  Once a horse achieves 50 points it is then eligible for the Bronze award, the next step is 100 points for the Silver award, then 150 points for the Gold award.  Once 300 points are accumulated the horse is then eligible for their Diamond Award.  There is a once only nomination fee of $50.00.  Points will only be accepted on Performance cards issued by the APHA Inc, these are available for $5.00 each.  Please refer to the Diamond Award form in the Performance Awards Handbook to either nominate or order cards.

Click here for the Performance Awards Handbook