Lifetime Award

To be eligible for the Lifetime Award the horse/pony must be adult classified (2 years & over) and ridden points cannot be collected until the horse/pony is 3 years of age and over.  Please refer to the Lifetime Award card for the allocation of points as this is different to the points allocation for the Diamond Award.  You may accumulate points throughout the horse’s/pony’s lifetime, there is no time restriction in gaining this award.  Horses/ponies do not have to have achieved their Diamond Award before starting to collect points for their Lifetime Award, they can be collected at the same time.  Please refer to the Awards Handbook for the rules and regulations regarding this Award. The nomination form is available in the Performance Award Handbook.

Click here for Performance Award Handbook

Lifetime Award Winners

1988 – Monsview Contessa

1988 – Claredale Champagne Charlie

1990 – Moorella Kentucky Bluegrass

1990 – Fassafern Mezquite

1996 – Goldmine Ashanti Gold

1997 – Uhavta Northern Expression

2001 – Loriot First Lady

2001 – Brookway Taro

2001 – Malibu Park Royal Creation

2001 – Moorella Montana Mac

2003 – Oro Super Brat

2005 – Rosswood Magic Moment

2006 – Fassafern Golden Jarrah

2007 – Loriot Royal Doulton

2009 – Goldview Impact

2010 – Uhavta Royal Enchantment

2014 – Orabanda County Fash’n