Registration / Classification Forms


If you intend to breed Palominos you will need to register your Stud Prefix and Brand with the APHA Inc.

Click here for Stud Prefix and Brand form


Palomino foals under the age of Two (2) years of age may be Foal Recorded.   Foal recordings no longer require registered breed parents (as of August 2017). 

Click here for the Foal Recording Form

Click here for Foal Futurity Entry Form



To be eligible for Adult Registration all horses and ponies must be Adult Classified from the age of Two (2) years.  They must be presented at a Classification day to be assessed on their Conformation and Colour.  In the case of horses and ponies that are unable to attend a Classification day due to distance (eg interstate) then Classification by video is permitted, please contact the Administrator for details.

All forms and payment must be forwarded to the Administrator for processing before your horse or pony can be classified.  If you have any queries please contact our Administrator.

Click here for 2017 Classification dates

Click here for Application for Classification

Click here for the Application for Registration of 2 Year Old & Over

Click here for the Certificate of Inspection Form